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​The Door is Open 

(it always has been)

Your Life is Waiting​

Rochester, Michigan



. Thank you so much! I felt very affirmed by the reading you gave to me at the fair. I seldom have readings, having had a lot of experience in the past with so-so readers and have come to rely on my own intuition much more, but your reading provided true insight, help and support at this time of transition for me. I am grateful!  Take care and blessings,  (Sue)

. You are truly a blessing and a gift to the world.  I am so grateful you are in my world!  You spark my imagination to make real a magical world long dormant!  You direct me and others to the higher self, pointing the way, shining the spotlight upon our true self.  An inspiring role model, and what a great blessing you are!  You are gratefully one of the brightest guiding lights in my life.  (Becky)

. Here's an extra special heart felt THANK YOU from the fullness of my heart for your contribution to my Tarot card reading last night --- since what you said was so right on!   You will never know what a clearing that was for me,  so I thank you deeply.   (​Marilyn)

. I wanted to thank you again for the numerology reading and the marvelous conversation.  You hit several areas spot on and have given me much to consider in this, my "9" year of "Letting Go".  Also, I'm going to learn how to make my restless nature work for me in ways conducive to growth rather than against me in ways of dissatisfaction.  I've already found the book you recommended, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions, and look forward to reading it soon and I appreciate the tip regarding how to utilize hand mudras for optimum benefit.  I already know it will stabilize some of this emotional imbalance.  You are gifted.  I thank you and I send you much love energy.    (Elaine)

"You have tremendous gifts to guide and make people feel at ease.  (Lisa)

My goal is to assist clients in tuning in to their own intuition and guidance to hear messages of inspiration and love. 

Providing uplifting information on ways to understand and nurture yourself and the people around you.

The answers you are looking for are and

have always been within yourself.​​


Karen Morgan

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