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“In ancient times Tibetan monks recognized that our healing channels could be set to “vibrate”, in order to transfer more energy. The Symbols and mantras they established are similar, and today they are used in Reiki to make these channels vibrate and to increase the vibrational frequency of the whole body.”

Quote from "The Power of Reiki"

by Tanmaya Honervogt, new edition.

 The Bowl

Creating a field of consciousness,

a state of high vibration building a bridge, a connection with the Higher Mind.

Intuitive Readings
Incorporate many forms of Divination to

bring you information about your life's purpose

and help you better understand yourself

and how the world sees you.





Chakra Clearing using

Stones, Colors, Tones, Reiki



​Learn to work with the music of your life created by the vibration of the numbers which your birth name and date bring.

Take a look at your destiny - what your soul yearns to accomplish in this lifetime.  Numerology helps you map out your life, look at your talents, gifts, obstacles, challenges and more.

Private Parties

Contact Karen for more information 

Distance Reiki

Chakra and Aura Balancing

Realign and Re-Tune

Invite Happiness ...

Reiki is an energetic healing technique, a method of channeling the life force energy to someone to aid in healing.
Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life-Force-Energy".
Rei means "Higher Power"  Ki is "life force energy"

Shamanic Stone Readings





Readings via Phone

30 minutes    -     $50

​ 60 minutes    -     $90