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SERVICES THAT YOU OBTAIN THROUGH THIS WEB SITE are for information purposes only.
They are not offered as medical or psychological advice, guidance or treatment.  We offer no medical advice or treatment, nor do we diagnose any symptoms.  
Neither traditional medicine nor any system of healing can provide any guarantee of results, but only do its best to create as much as possible the optimal environment in which the healing has the best possibility of happening. 

Raise Your Vibration Instantly



​​Shamanic Stone Readings with The Bowl

Creating a field of consciousness, 
a state of high vibration building a bridge,
a connection with the Higher Mind

Intuitive Readings that incorporate many forms of divination to bring you information about your life's purpose and help you better understand yourself and how the world sees you.  
Tune into your own intuition and guidance, into higher frequency energies, clear chakras,                                        and hear messages of inspiration and love. 
Hear how you can maximize these energies and empower yourself.  
Provide uplifting information on ways to understand and nurture yourself and the people around you.​

Reconnective Healing

The Energy creates Harmony and Balance for your whole being, and provides an Acceleration to your Life Path

​​A powerful form of healing that reconnects us to the universe and reestablishes the fullness of our health potential.  It is capable of synchronizing our very essence through a bandwith of healing energy.  Healing can occur on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or beyond.

Reconnective healing is achieved when a balanced state has been reached. It is achieved when there is a full interaction with the Reconnective Spectrum which contains information, light and energy. 

The most fundamental element here is energy.  Energy is a major constituent of every organic matter; it is what keeps our physical body going. Light is what is produced when the universe resonates with us.  Information is what we get from the interaction between entrainment, light and energy.  It can actually be measured and felt. Our job is to help you access, discover and increase your consciousness with Reconnective Healing Frequencies. 

Reconnective Healing goes beyond the traditional energy healing techniques, giving us the freedom to look to something else other than the concept. It can’t be regarded as a symptom or treatment because it doesn’t look out for symptoms. It goes beyond that. We will not diagnose or treat you when performing reconnective healing on you.  Our goal is to create an interaction with the reconnective healing frequencies and by doing so, we stimulate healing which will last a lifetime.​​


An energetic healing technique, a method of channeling the Life Force energy to someone to aid in healing.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life-Force-Energy".
Rei means "Higher Power"  Ki is "life force energy"

This life force energy flows through the energy meridians in the body which stimulates and nurtures the body.

“In ancient times Tibetan monks recognized that our healing channels could be set to “vibrate”, in order to transfer more energy. The Symbols and mantras they established are similar, and today they are used in Reiki to make these channels vibrate and to increase the vibrational frequency of the whole body.”
Quote from "The Power of Reiki" by Tanmaya Honervogt, new edition.